About Ellett Homes

As an introduction to our company “Accessibility Specialists”, a division of Ellett Homes, Inc, I am Justin Ellett, president and owner. 

We are a full service building and remodeling contractor specializing in accessible home modifications and barrier free environments for the physically challenged, seniors, Vet’s and those in need of barrier free living with and 18 year construction background.

With today’s codes and ADA requirements putting demands on accessibility for the physically challenged, many contractors and handymen are trying to build and design environments for those who require special attention to detail. 


Depending on the individual, the smallest thing such as a reducer in a floor transition or a counter without a cut out, or a simple door width can make the difference in the life of persons with impaired usage requirements. 

  • Many of these considerations have either codes or requirements set by the ADA in addition to state and local code adherence.
  • At the juncture of proceeding with the accessible modifications, are you considering today’s building requirements and regulations? 

Justin Ellett, President of Accessibility Specialist and Ellett Homes, Inc., has been performing successfully in this ADA customization realm for the past 5 years in addition to his 15 year construction background. 

In preparing for the transition into this type of construction and re-model, Justin worked with and consulted with the most successful contractor in this specialized industry in Portland Oregon, Dave Bearson Enterprises, who has a 30 year track record and is ranked as the top customization ADA contractor by countless trade organizations and consumer protection entities.  

We here at Accessibility Specialists have researched, the ADA guidelines, and local requirements including all state codes to ensure all the suggestions we provide are proper and most suited for our clients.

Thank you and we look forward to talking with you in the near future.

Kindest regards,

Justin Ellett

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Our Services Include:

  • Accessible custom ramps
  • Grab bars
  • Widen doorways for wheelchairs
  • Bathroom remodels
  • Including curb free roll in showers
  • Specialty toilets
  • Tub seats and transfer boards
  • Kitchen remodels
  • Special cabinet designs incl. cutouts
  • Doorway hardware
  • Closet designs
  • Floor coverings
  • House plans for barrier free living
  • We LISTEN to your needs!