Stair Lift

Vertical Platform Lift

A vertical platform lift is recommended when access is required to more than one floor in the home; a ramp would not be feasible. If the client is using a wheelchair for mobility, a stair lift is not appropriate.

Stair Lifts

There are stair lifts available for both curved and straight staircases, although straight stair lifts are much cheaper than curved ones. Curved stair lifts cost roughly twice as much as straight stair lifts. There are a few different options available to allow for different capabilities of the users.

Step-Thru Tub Cut-Outs

The Tub Step-Thru is a unique product that enables an individual to access their bathtub in a safe and assured manner. We recognize that there are many people who are unable to use a bathtub due to the high sidewalls.

Tub Cut Out

According to a recent study by the Council on Aging, numerous accidents occur annually in and around the tub area. This number can be significantly reduced with the use of the Tub Step-Thru. The safe enjoyment of your new shower is now affordable, quick, and easy.

If you have difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub, but do not want to renovate your bathroom or replace your bathtub, the tub cut out is the perfect modification. It gives users an accessible bathing experience without the need to replace their existing bathtub. The tub cut out provides the user with years of bathing without the need to lift their legs over a high bathtub ledge.

Walk-in Tubs (5)

It installs fairly quickly and easily by one of our professionals, without the need to renovate.

Walk-in Tubs

(Made Right Here In The Treasure Valley!!  NO 1-800 Phone Numbers)

We provide a variety of tubs to choose from Best Bath Systems line of innovative walk-in tubs are designed for safe, soothing, and accessible bathing. They are twice the depth of normal tubs, they have a comfortable contoured seat, a grab bar, and a non-skid floor. Therapeutic jetted tubs are available, along with optional tub surround to fit seamlessly into your current bathroom surround area.

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Our Services Include:

  • Accessible custom ramps
  • Grab bars
  • Widen doorways for wheelchairs
  • Bathroom remodels
  • Including curb free roll in showers
  • Specialty toilets
  • Tub seats and transfer boards
  • Kitchen remodels
  • Special cabinet designs incl. cutouts
  • Doorway hardware
  • Closet designs
  • Floor coverings
  • House plans for barrier free living
  • We LISTEN to your needs!